Hayden PanettierePerhaps a recent evening out with friends made her wish she could just stay home.

According to TMZ video, actress Jennifer and her boyfriend are on-again, off again. Brian HickersonAppeared to have been involved in an extensive fight outside Sunset Marquis Hotel.  

Hayden’s representative released a statement on March 25 that provided some insight into the circumstances surrounding this dramatic scene.

According to Hayden’s rep, Brian Hickerson was with Hayden at the Sunset Marquis and made comments about a waitress leaving them a low tip. Security forced everyone to leave after the same person and his group began pushing Brian. Hayden tried her best to calm the situation but was also attacked by Brian. 

CelebHomes News received confirmation from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Office confirming that they were dispatched to attend to a fight at 12 :18 on March 25. Once deputies arrived, no one claimed to be a victim of a crime or assault.