Hayden ChristensenIt is returning to its dark side.

This actor was last seen as Darth Vader back in 2005. Revenge of the SithIn the new limited Disney+ series,, will be back as the iconic villain Obi Wan KenobiIt is also called “alongside”. Ewan McGregor.

For Hayden, the process was filled with all sorts of emotions.

He said that the whole experience was “very surreal”. Entertainment Weekly. It’s just the natural nature of returning after so much time. It’s such a unique opportunity—one that both Ewan and I were very grateful for.”

It wasn’t Hayden alone who experienced the nostalgic rush.

“Working with people was something I enjoyed so much. Star Wars projects is just that shared excitement,” he said. Everyone is excited to participate. That energy is special.

Hayden first appeared 2002’s Attack of the Clones Hayden, while not everyone liked the prequel films, felt at home again taking over the reins.