Chlöe BaileyThe residence of ‘Samantha is more than just a grown-up.

This 23-year old singer performed Architectural Digest a tour of her bright, elegant apartment located in the heart of Los Angeles, and all we have to say is—have mercy. Chlöe describes her abode—which has sprawling views of the city—as her “safe haven,” saying she feels an unbelievable sense of calm whenever she walks in. 

She pointed out that the artwork in her home featured her and her sister, a 22-year old singer. Halle Bailey.

The author says, “I have her always around me.” grown-ishActress shared the April 19th event Doors OpenVideo from Youtube “Because we don’t know where she is, but I like to have a little bit of her.”

Photographic memories of her closest and dearest friends are not the only thing she treasures. The singer has an at-home studio in case inspiration strikes.