Acrylic pour painting has become a raging success among creative DIY people. The results can range from bizarre and disturbing to restful and contemplative. It all depends on the colors you use and the techniques employed to move the acrylic paints around the medium you’re using — whether it be paper, canvas, cardstock, wood, or just about anything else that is flat and colorfast. Many people take up acrylic pour painting as a soothing hobby — something to do on the weekends and when they need to blow off steam or even as a sleep inducing activity right before bedtime. Others are finding the acrylic paint pouring, when done with professional artist materials, provides a scintillating source of extra income as they sell their work at farmer’s markets and other arts venues. Creative people who have never taken a single painting class are falling in love with how easy the basics are for acrylic paint pouring.

You’ll need just a few things:

White craft glue. Acrylic colors (your choice.) Cardstock or canvas of any size. Shot glasses to keep the painting above spills.  And a cheap disposable pan in which to actually do your pouring and tilting.

There are dozens of tutorials on YouTube to help you get started. You’ll be surprised how much fun acrylic pour painting can be. Try doing it as a family project on a rainy afternoon this summer!