Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to bestselling author Akwaeke Emezi are loving the new style of bold print wallpaper for their homes and offices.

First previewed by Paris-based decorator India Mahdavi, big print wallpaper quickly swept through new European condos and then began making a splash overseas here in America in 2018. Today you can find elegant homes in the country as well as chic Manhattan pied-a-terres sporting this new wallpaper look.

But it’s not for everybody. BP wallpaper shies away from pastels and nuanced designs. If you are an introvert, or enjoy surroundings that don’t demand your attention and immediate admiration, then the bold print game plan is not going to be your cup of tea. On the other hand, if you love the spotlight, crave exciting surroundings, and want your home turf to make a statement, then by all means invest the time and money in redoing your digs with bold print wallpaper designs.

A favorite wallpaper consists of the Pali phrase “Ayatana Ariya Arammana” repeated in secular columns. The phrase, roughly translated from Buddhist scripture, means “Outward beauty shows inward peace.” This is often done in a striking black and white design.

Another favorite wallpaper design is of Roy Lichtenstein’s retro comic book artwork enlarged and repeated in convex patterns. It’s the kind of brazen design that sparks deep conversations.