But, if you’re wondering about Harry and Taylor’s relationship, then we’ve got you covered: The pair originally dated back in 2012. While they ultimately decided to go their separate ways—Harry is now dating Olivia WildeTaylor has a girlfriend. Joe Alwyn—their brief romance seemingly spawned a few songs including Taylor’s track “Style” and One Direction“Perfect” is the smash hit of’s. 

And since then, the pair appear to be on good terms. Last year, the friendly exes were spotted chatting at the 2021 Grammys and Taylor was one of the first people to stand up and applaud for Harry when he received his first award for Best Pop Solo Performance.  

But when it comes down to the naming of their songs, this seems to be just a coincidence. Harry said that his “Daylight” version was about an “infatuation”.  

Instead of dropping any names, the singer, who prefers to keep his dating life private, gave a bit of insight into the songwriting process for the track. 

“Daylight” is a song that was very much an album’s first. He said that it was one of his favorites. “It was kinda a stream-of-consciousness writing that occurred kind of late.” This felt very much like “OK, let’s finish it.” Now.'” 

Harry stated, “We had an all-nighter. It was completed. We went to the beach to see the sun rise. It was quite a pleasant moment.