It took just a second to recall the moment at the reunion Harry PotterCast members, such as Alan Rickman and others, who have departed from us are listed below. Helen McCroryRichard GriffithsMore. These are the words of some cast members about these late icons.

Emma Watson and Richard Harris died in 2002.Richard Harris was a warm and special person. He had a twinkle in his eyes.”

Daniel Radcliffe on Richard Griffiths, who passed away in 2013:He was generous and knowledgeable, so his passing is the hardest for me.” His desire was to give everything to you.

Tom Felton, Helen McCrory’s husband who was killed in 2021She had taught me so much. [Fighting back tears]You see, I cannot even put it into words, but she did have this gift of showing empathy through her eyes. It was truly a pleasure working with her.

Ralph Fiennes’ tribute to Alan Rickman (who died in 2016): “Alan was a very dear friend. His final scene—I was a little intimidated by him, his precision, his expert delivery of lines. We kind of went toe totoe, like Snape or Voldemort. The act of two actors literally fencing against each other is something that one actor can enjoy. Alan, as an actor, was also a magician.