Harrison WagnerThe girlfriend of Sophia BuiShe is thinking back to her time with the star.

Harrison, son of General Hospital stars JackAnd Kristina Wagner, was found dead in a parking lot located in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles on June 6. He was 27.

Sophia, his friends and family, have been sharing the sad news with him. Sophia also revealed that they were not only “on and off” for many years but still “loved one another.”

She captioned an Instagram picture of the couple together on June 8, with “Here’s love letter to baby,” “I’m so broken hearted. This Friday, we had planned and you called me to apologize. We have been together seven years. For the better or worse. “In sickness as well as in health.”
Continued she: “Sorry. I missed.” [your]These last few days, I have received calls at night. My favorite thing about sleeping in is the smell of it. [your]Curled up polar bear arms. Sending you funny animal videos is what I miss. It was beautiful to hear your songs, which made me weep.