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Taurus season officially starts on April 20th, which means bulls, it is time for you to get excited! As a special birthday treat, we talked to astrologist Kyle Thomas to see what you can expect between now and your next birthday. Although we can’t give away too much information, it’s possible that your birthday wishes involve positive changes of any sort.

Kyle said to CelebHomes News, “Prepare yourself for one of your most significant years.” You are ready to undergo tremendous transformation as the planets move and the stars change. Uranus is the planet of freedom and change. He continues dancing in your sign. This is the time to be your authentic self and courageously stand as the radiant new you. Mighty eclipses will also be highlighting your personal power—and your relationships—bringing destiny for you to face.”

Over the next 12 months, you may begin a “whole new era” in your professional life, which is the result of all the hard work you’ve put towards your career goals through the years. 

Kyle explained that there are “significant turning moments” in relationships when it comes to love. A single may find someone they love, and the relationship takes off. Those in relationships with significant long-term potential will take the next step.

Enjoy the “whirlwind” of an unforgettable year! Kyle stated. 

We’ve put together a list of products Taurus sign will love, since it’s their birthday season. You can see them all below.