She said that she was employed for the vast majority of her career. [Funches]Her lawsuit says that she worked continuously for several days, with very little or no rest,” “In or about October 2021 [Funches]Took the initiative to complain [Halsey]About her lengthy working hours [Halsey’s]Failure to pay overtime wages

Funches said in her suit that Halsey paid her a lump sum of $5,000 the following December for her accumulated overtime but that “despite multiple requests,” offered no explanation as to how that sum compensated the nanny for all of her overtime hours to date, and also allegedly continued to deny her such wages even though she “continued to work significant amounts of overtime hours caring for Halsey’s child.”

According to Halsey’s lawyer, CelebHomes News’ statement stated that no complaints were ever raised during the individual’s time with Halsey. Halsey regrets and is disappointed at the events that have occurred, but they believe it important to address these claims publicly. Halsey wishes to emphasize that they will continue to advocate against ableism as well as for fair working conditions.

Funches also included in her lawsuit a copy of the discrimination complaint that she filed against Halsey at the Department of Fair Employment and Housing back April. It stated that Funches was subjected to retaliation in March for using or asking for a disability accommodation. She was then terminated.