These are the brides!

Bachelor Nation’s HaleyAnd Emily FergusonThey celebrated the occasion with a Las Vegas bachelorette party.

“Bachelorette weekend Pt. One was the best, #efergie13 made some special memories. Haley shared a collection of pictures from the party on Instagram. Thanks to all who helped make it possible.

For their joint celebration, the 29-year-old twin sisters booked a suite for their bridesmaids at Crockfords Las Vegas, part of LXR Hotels & Resorts at Resorts World, according to Us Weekly. The festivities were attended by the bridesmaids, six of their closest friends and 20 other guests. BachelorAlums attended. 

Over the weekend, the sisters shared their favorite parts of the trip exclusively with CelebHomes News.

Emily said that she loved Pepper at ResortsWorld. “There are pole dancing classes and we watched a sex demonstration. Everyone left with penis rings and lube. It was the perfect Vegas bachelorette party. The karaoke was so much fun and the food throughout the weekend was amazing.