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Hailey Bieber has been sharing her latest skin care tips and beauty tricks with us. This is the content we need to hold us over while we patiently (ok, fine, impatiently) wait for the drop of her Rhode skin care line in June.

Hailey recently teamed up with TikTok skin care guru Hyram on her own Youtube channel in addition to the team at Allure on their channel to share helpful and super attainable beauty tips and tricks with us, her glazed-donut-skin-obsessed fans.

Hailey’s tips include advice that can be applied to all aspects of life like “always take your skin care routine seriously, but never yourself,” practical tips like “always (and I do mean always) remember to double cleanse,” and, of course, “always make sure you look like a glazed donut before you go to bed.”

The model shares her top skin products, including sunscreen, face tools, and cleansers. Scroll below for skin as scrumptious and glowy as a glazed donut.