Is it possible for young adults to have strokes?

Sharinn explained that although it was scary, Sharinn believes the model’s experiences are “unfortunately not common.” Because it is such an common condition among the youth, I see some strokes in younger people.

Hailey was praised by the doctor for sharing a video about the subject. He said, “The greater awareness and education about it, the better we can help, and the more patients that can save themselves, and help us.”

What can be done to prevent strokes?

Some ways that people can lessen their chances of a stroke are to drink plenty of water and occasionally move their legs and walk around if they have to be stationary for a long period of time (like on a flight), Sharinn said, adding, “And then if you have any medical condition, just talk to your doctor and they’ll be able to explain and basically give you precautions based on those conditions.”

What can you do to know if your stroke is real?

The doctor said stroke symptoms can include numbness, tingling or weakness on one side of the body, slurred speech, or double vision. Sharinn explained that stroke symptoms are often sudden. She advised people to call 911 immediately to get to the emergency department if they experience any of these symptoms.

Is it possible to treat strokes?

According to her, there are many options for treating strokes. We have medications that can dissolve the clot within a 4.5-hour window from the time of onset of the symptoms. And there are also clot retrieval procedures that can be done for most patients within 24 hours of the symptom’s onset. We could help a lot, but we need patients to reach us.