Warning! The following contains spoilers about the first episode of Season 1. HacksSeason two.

HacksIt is using the LOL word in a lawsuit.

Ava was featured in the first two episodes of HBO Max’s second comedy season. The episode premiered May 12.Hannah Einbinder) confesses to boss Deborah (Jean SmartShe wrote an email detailing her character that was so damning that it will serve as the inspiration for a television series. Helen Mirren. Deborah’s first reaction? To throw crystals and other tchotchkes at her panicked comedy writer.

Deborah screams, “You selfish bitch!” as Ava laughably dodges the weaponized minerals.

You might think that throwing things at people is outrageous. But wait, you’ll find out what Deborah did to exact her revenge by filing a lawsuit against Ava. Before you jump to Ava’s defense, let me remind you that Ava is a child. DidBreaking her confidentiality agreement, she said quite harsh things about her boss. (And, as Deborah cheekily told Ava at the end of episode two, “It’ll be a good learning experience for you—an expensive one, too.”)

In fact, in an exclusive interview with CelebHomes News, Einbinder revealed that she can see why Ava didn’t quit her job the moment she was sued. She said, “She knows she’s f–ked up.” She said, “She knows she f-ked up.”