She didn’t slide into his DMs—she rolled into his interview.  

December 16, George ClooneyWas live on the air Jimmy Kimmel Live talking to the host about his soon-to-be released film, The Tender Barwhich he directed. Ben Affleck. Video chat with the newcomer actor Daniel Ranieri, 10, something unexpected happened. 

In the middle of the conversation, Clooney pal Julia Roberts rolled into the shot on an office chair. Don’t forget to give it a try! Keanu Reeves Matrix vibes, she sat in pure silence while wearing black sunglasses. 

Jimmy Kimmel laughed and said, “George, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but there’s a woman sitting next to you.”

And then just like that she slid back out of the shot. Either famously prank-prone Clooney was pulling a practical joke on Kimmel or the Pretty Woman was on duty as security detail for the actor.

They are filming in Australia, where the Oscar winner is currently filming. Paradise Ticket. It’s not their first collaboration: The pair previously co-starred together in Ocean’s Eleven