The game of love can prove to be quite tricky for most players—as GrimesIn her latest song, she points out.
Fans were buzzing with excitement over her new single “Player of Games” at 33 years old. Throughout the song, the musician—who dated 50-year-old Tesla CEO and avid gamer Elon Musk for three years before their split in September—sings about being in love with the best “player of games.”
These lyrics are: “I’m madly in love/ He’ll never love me more than I love him/ And “Sail away” to the cold expanses space. Even love could not keep you there.
Grimes singing in the chorus is “If I loved Him Any Less / I’d make He Stay / But, he has the best/ Player Of Games.”
Earlier this year, the SpaceX founder confirmed he and Grimes—who share 19-month-old son X Æ A-12 Musk—were taking some time apart after three years together.