ScandalAlthough the end may have come, there appears to be another one in the making. Grey’s Anatomy.

Elisabeth FinchThe 44-year-old author whose work has been featured in Grey’sCelebHomes News learns that in 2014, she has been put on administrative leave while Disney reviews allegations that they have fabricated portions of her medical history.

Finch’s personal health struggles were sometimes incorporated into the series, helping establish her as a vital voice in the writers’ room, according to trade newsletter The AnklerThe first report was made by. In addition to penning more than a dozen episodes, Finch had extensively documented her medical experiences—including her diagnosis with a rare form of bone cancer, having an abortion while undergoing chemotherapy losing a kidney and a part of her leg—in personal essays for ElleThe Hollywood Reporter and Grey’s Anatomy producer Shonda Rhimes‘ website, Shondaland.