The 2022 Grammys were more than just a night to celebrate.

During the April 3 awards show, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appeared in a video message to introduce John LegendHe was playing a music tribute to the people who are suffering during the Ukraine-Russia crisis. Before handing the stage over to Legend, President Zelenskyy made a plea for support for Ukraine.

“The war. Is there anything more contrary to music than war? “The silence of ruined towns and people who have been killed,” the Ukrainian leader shared somberly. The children of Ukraine draw shooting stars and swooping rockets. More than 400 children were hurt and 153 people died. They will never draw again.”

According to President Zelenskyy, parents in Ukraine “are happy to wake up in the morning—in bomb shelters, but alive. The people we love don’t know when they will see us again.

Insisting on the theme music of the night’s musical performance, President Zelenskyy said that “Our musicians wear body armour instead of tuxedos.” They sing for the injured. They sing in hospitals. They are even audible to the blind. However, the music will get through. We stand for freedom. We live to love and sound.