Grace and FrankieBrianna’s time may be over, but it doesn’t mean that we have seen the end of her.

June Diane Raphael confirmed she and co-creator Howard Morris are writing a spin-off series centered around her character, Brianna Hanson, the daughter of Jane Fonda‘s Grace. According to the actress, Brianna is “unapologetically powerful”. The Hollywood Reporter that the show will explore “what it means to be a middle-aged woman without children or a husband.”

June Diane explained how Howard and she began to discuss a possible spin-off in the midst of the pandemic. We spent months talking about the fact that as women age, their currency becomes less valued in our society, which is often the case for men. We talked about Brianna’s potential loss and gains as she age alone and the ways that a single woman can cause fear among so many.

June Diane, herself a mother of two children, understands the stigma that women don’t have children and this brings up many issues for others.