Hold on!Grace and Frankie may get a Christmas movie? 

Get out your mistletoe because it makes you look that way. It’s the best! Jane Fonda– and Lily Tomlin–led comedy—which premiered in 2015 and will cement its place as Netflix’s longest-running series with its seventh and final season this month—may not be finished yet. 

A recent interview was conducted with Entertainment WeeklyCreators Marta KauffmanAnd Howard J. MorrisWhen asked if they feel like they have explored every storyline they want, they also were asked if they felt that there were any narrative stones they didn’t explore. Answer: No, but “If you’d like to see a Christmas movie, we’ll consider it,” Morris said.

Kauffman said, “There wasn’t an episode where I could think of where it went, and I’m shocked that we didn’t get the chance to tell that story.” There’s not a single thing I can recall. There were many things that we wanted to do but didn’t have time or didn’t fit into the story. None of these are topics that I want to share.