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The temperature on the East Coast may still be cold, Summer House is back and heating up our TV screens. The Bravo hit returned for its sixth season on Jan. 24 with plenty of relationship drama dominating the premiere, including wedding woes, a new love triangle and some Southern Charm drama. 

Hookups in Hamptons are not a new phenomenon. Housemates have been known to share musical bedtimes over the years. As many viewers have seen the show as Amanda Batula & Kyle CookeBefore getting married in September they experienced many trials and tribulations, but we all stuck together. Lindsay HubbardTo find a man that will give her a sandwich. Her best friend could be her? Carl RadkeAre you finally ready for this? We still suffer from PTSD. Hannah Berner AndLuke GrubalsonLast year’s s-—t event was a bust. It was quite the summer disappointment.