We’ve heard of starting things with a bang, but this is extreme—even for Batman.

The trailer Gotham Knightsstarring Harvey Dent.Misha CollinsTurner’s father, Caped Crusader (Oscar Morgan). Harvey said, “It’s you father.” “He’s dead.”

Then it gets even more crazy.

Turner said that his father believed each one of us could be a beacon for Gotham and help bring about a new dawn. But his hopes are fleeting, as, after Bruce Wayne’s death, the city of Gotham devolves into chaos and everybody becomes a suspect—including Batman’s own son.

Harvey and Gotham PD arrest Turner along with a few other suspects.Olivia Rose Keegan). Turner is forced to choose between aligning himself with the outcasts or sticking on the side of Harvey and the cops. 

This is Batman’s son. It is obvious that he will take the right decision.