Trending searches are for men’s fragrances in the small size. It is an earthy, woody scent  with notes of mint leaves, orange blossom, and vanilla madagascar. Sephora refers to the scent as “a perfume for a strong, passionate woman who is master of his own self.”

Sephora has received a large number of Sephora reviews from women, who love the scent. A third shared the following: “I tried a sample, not realizing it was a mens’s perfume. It was amazing!

Another gushed, “Let me just say this- anyone who smells you with this fragrance is on, isn’t going to give two sh*ts if it’s for men or women because they are going to want you no matter who they are or who you are, it’s that good. Labels?! We are not interested in labels! You might live forever, but you’re not. I will just enjoy this bath and continue living my life.