Take a look at her right now.
Although we spent most of the holiday season in the cold, Selena GomezIt was quite the contrary. She recently went on vacation to Turks and Caicos with her family.
The singer’s best friend is a photographer who can provide photographic evidence of the magical journey. Theresa MingusOn January 5,, uploaded a handful of pictures documenting the joy in the sun to Instagram. Selena can also be seen in one video enjoying water tubing. While Selena’s second video shows her doing the same. Only Murders can be found in a Building Star is seen with her family including her sister. Gracie.
Even though Selena was not on social media, her Instagram photo shows that she is already looking forward to the new year.
In a caption, she wrote “Happy new Year people” in a photograph of herself smiling on January 1. We must remember to look after one another, and we need to start this year off right. God bless you and I wish that everyone had a happy holiday. I LOVE YOU.