It’s the right time Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis to say their goodbyes to a very special home.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the couple has sold their house in Beverly Hills for $10.35 million. 

In 2014, after paying $10.2 million for the private property, both AshtonAnd Mila turned the space into a family home for their daughter Wyatt7 and Son Dimitri, 5.

All good things have to come to an end, but that is the truth of the matter. The bright side is that there are many positive things. Times reports that the family will remain in the 90210 zip code at a nearby six-acre compound.

You can expect many amenities for the buyer, who is likely to move in within a few days. According to online records, the 7,351 square-feet home includes five bedrooms, a cook’s kitchen, formal dining room and mahogany office.

You still aren’t impressed? Maybe the lower level with its wine room, sauna, and gym will inspire you to own a piece of real estate.