Lights, camera, KiKi Layne is back in action!

You may be familiar with the roles she played in movies like Beale Street Talks and The Old Guard, Layne is getting back to the joys of performing in the theater. She’s currently starring in On Sugarland, an off-Broadway production that will take its final bow on March 20.

“I haven’t been on-stage since 2016, so I was worried about being on-stage again after that amount of time had passed,” Layne exclusively shared with CelebHomes News. “You work different muscles when doing a play, so I was nervous about being out of shape in a sense. I had to remind myself that I actually have a lot more experience doing theater than film. I just had to trust my gift.” 

Directed by Whitney White, the play follows Sadie (Layne) as she calls upon generations of matriarchal ancestors in search of the truth about her own mother. It’s a role that immediately grabbed her attention. 

“I was blown away by the languageAnd story telling that playwright Aleshea HarrisLayne explained that she was thrilled to play the role of Sadie and had fun learning about her journey. This role was an exciting and risky one that would challenge me and something I’d been longing to do.