This Single Black Female Star is once more single

Amber Riley and fiancé Desean Black broke up, Amber’s rep confirmed to CelebHomes News. According to the rep, they ask for privacy at this point.

The Glee star first revealed her relationship status on the Nice & NeatPodcast in March after the co-host Jalon WebsterShe was asked whether she is single, as her Lifetime title suggests. She answered, “I’m a single Black woman.” She replied, “I am, but I am not crazy like in the movie.

Elle also said that she had recently become single and explained that this was a mutually beneficial decision. 

She stated, “I wish he the best.” She added, “I don’t have anything terrible or bad to share.”

Amber announced her engagement to Desean on Instagram in November 2020, posting a since-deleted photo of of her then-fiancé with the caption, “There was a time when I thought I didn’t want or deserve this kind of love. “I’m now looking at a man that changed my mind.” “My time spent alone and loving myself, as well as getting to know myself better, helped me prepare for my relationship with you.