She shared that she became a wine connoisseur in a way only an alcoholic could. After all the years of self-knowledge and sobriety, I fell back into denial. I fooled myself—I woke up one day and went: ‘I’m back.'”  

Then she continued: “I was still tied to the thing, in some hope of its future for me. And the rest of my day was irrelevant.” Only five o’clock in the morning was what really matters. 

Lynch answered a question about what made her return to drinking and said that it was partially due to boredom. She added, “I think it got to the point where nothing was making it work for me anymore.”  

Paramount+ star She claimed she had drank during Paramount+. The Good Fight, which she appeared in from 2017 to 2021. 

She said, “I could not wait to get done and go for a drink alone.” She said, “I felt a bit ashamed. And also, I didn’t believe the excuses.”

Lynch explained that even her friends were “fooled,” saying, “I remember a friend said: ‘I told you you’re not an alcoholic anymore.’ I’d go: ‘I know!'”

According to the actress, it took six months for her to quit drinking again after having relapsed. She described the similar, otherworldly effect she felt the first time, “Like the sober fairy said: ‘OK, I’m giving you one more chance.'”

She said, “And it was done.” “Five o’clock would arrive and it was not obvious to me.”