Housewives will become both the models and the Housewives. And the clients on tonight’s special episode, as they’ll each be paired with a designer whose goal is to make them the ultimate reunion show look. 

Expect to see Karen rocking something styled “with class, elegance and a sprinkle of sexy,” and for Gizelle, a look that’s both glamorous and practical.

Gizelle stated, “You want it pop.” You want it to feel comfortable, because it is a long day, and you are sitting there for hours. It’s important for viewers to see me sitting down. While we can take photos standing up sometimes, the vast majority of times, it is best to be able to sit down.

Creating the “wow” factor can be difficult, though, and while there’s no telling whether or not every designer will be up to the task, both Gizelle and Karen said there was one Housewife that made the assignment a bit more challenging.