We have been living in New York for 10 years now since Hannah, Marnie and Jessa walked into our lives with their problems of 20-something.

Somehow, it all seemed a lot more simple back then, didn’t it?

For GirlsThe groundbreaking HBO Comedy, starring Lena DunhamThe original premiere of, was ten years ago. While the show became a hot topic for discussion and debate, it has remained a great representation of the city’s life during the mid-2010s. 

Starring Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima KeckeAnd Zosia Makmet, the show depicted the often very messy and complicated—but always honest—lives of four friends in New York, as they attempted to navigate work, relationships, family and heartbreak. A lot of heartbreak.

The show was nominated for 19 Emmys over the course of its six seasons and won the Golden Globe for Best Television Series—Comedy or Musical in 2013. 

For GirlsAlso, helped to launch the career now-two-time Oscar nominee Adam DriverDunham’s love interest, played by. 

Since For Girls ended in 2017, the core cast members have all gone on to find other successes. Dunham is the creator of several television shows and has premiered her first film. Sharp StickWilliams appeared in 2017, the horror movie, at 2022 Sundance Film Festival. You must get outHulu’s Kirke will be the star of Hulu’s. Friendship ConversationsThe current stars of HBO Max are Mamet and David Mamet The Flight Attendant