Blake HorstmannIt may be a good idea to consider rings as an alternative to roses. Giannina Gibelli.

As the love story of this couple unfolds, viewers can continue to follow their progress. All Star ShoreFans are interested to find out how serious they are about one another. Giannina spoke out about her affection and love for CelebHomes News co-star, which made their lives so sweeter. 

Giannina explained that he just ensures I am happy. “If I’m having an off day or I’m stressed out about something, he’ll take the time and be like, ‘Hey, are you okay? Today you’re less talkative. He just wants me to be happy. 

Giannina claims that Blake is always there for her, whether she’s watching Netflix, making omelets, or working out. Both sides hope that things will remain this way for a while.