GhostsAlthough it may be one the best comedies of the season, the Nov. 4 episode made us reach for the tissues.

In the latest episode, viewers learn how Pete (fan-favorite scoutmaster) works.Richie Moriarty) got that pesky arrow through his neck: One of his scouts shot him during an archery safety lecture. Brutal.

After this flashback, Pete revealed that Sam, Woodstone Mansion’s resident living in the moment, was he ().Rose McIver) that he was feeling nostalgic as his death day approached. After much begging from the ghost, Sam decided that Pete’s widow would be invited to Woodstone Mansion. Of course, as Sam’s husband Jay (Utkarsh ambudkarAs we had (or should have) expected, the visit brought on some unexpected drama. Pete’s wife, Pete, admitted to having an affair, which she now calls her husband, with Pete’s best friend.

Although initially furious, Pete was reminded of the importance of forgiveness as a key trait in being a Scout, which led him to accept his wife’s apology. His daughter, a scout named Pete herself, also arrived to celebrate the life of the deceased man.