Hollywood lost one of its most renowned filmmakers.

Ivan ReitmanDirector: GhostbustersHis family confirmed to the Associated Press that he died in his sleep Saturday night, February 12, at Montecito in California. He was 75. It was unknown what caused his death. 

Reitman’s children said, “Our family is mourning the unexpected loss a husband and father who taught us how to seek out the magic in every life.” Jason Reitman, Catherine ReitmanAnd Caroline ReitmanIn a statement jointly made to the AP, he said. “We are comforted that his filmmaking brought happiness and laughter to so many people around the world. We are grieving privately but we know that those who were able to see his films through their memories will always remember him. 

Stars took to social media after hearing about Reitman’s passing to offer their condolences. “I’m deeply sorry for the loss of Ivan” Reitman.” Ernie HudsonWinston Zeddemore played by. Ghostbusters movies, tweeted. “Truly a great filmmaker and man whom I had the privilege to know and work with. Jason’s family and friends are deeply sorry. We send our deepest condolences to Jason and his family. 

Additional Paul FeigThe 2016 event was directed by. Ghostbusters movie, “I’m in absolute shock. Ivan gave me the privilege of being able to work with him and was an amazing learning opportunity. Ivan directed many of my favourite comedies. Comedy is a profession that owes him so much. Ivan, I want to thank you very much. Truly.”