You know the Kardashians. Now, get ready to fall in love with the newest reality TV family on CelebHomes.

Comedy Nikki GlaserIn her CelebHomes reality series she says “goodbye Hollywood” and “hello” her home town of St. Louis in “Goodbye Hollywood”. Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?The premiere of ‘, May 1st

After living with her parents—mom Julie? EJ—during the COVID-19 pandemic, Glaser is moving out of her childhood home and into a place of her own with fellow comedian, roommate, friend and The Nikki Glaser Podcast co-host Andrew Collin.

Glaser’s return home will also mean reuniting with old friends. She will be reunited with her childhood friend. Kerstin RobertsonTogether with her ex-boyfriend Chris ConvyThe Gateway of the West was the next stop for Xavier, who decided to take a leaf from Glaser’s books.

In honor of the show’s premiere, get to know the cast of Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?Please see the gallery.