These are the basics: A decade-long partnership has brought the ice dancers from Michigan (Hubbell, 30) and Connecticut (Donohue, 31) three national titles, three World Championship medals and a fourth-place finish in South Korea. However, they are determined to make it onto the podium for their final Games. 
Cutting Edge, Anyone?:Hubbell’s older brother was Hubbell’s partner in 2011. Keiffer, retired, “We literally loathed each other,” Donohue revealed in a joint interview with Team USA. She said, “I took her hand and she was like: “I don’t really want skate with this guy.” They were still together six months later. They split in two-and-a half years. However, neither of them regrets it. Hubbell said, “It enabled us to get to understand each other on an deeper level and had a deep relationship.” Post-split, she continued, “I think that our relationship got better and even closer—just in a different way.”
Here’s the menu:Donohue can also be flipped for Italian steak, stuffed bell peppers and steak, but they have a shared love of Japanese food. Hubbell said it best on the joint website: “One food that is something I believe I can eat every single day”