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You’ll love our collection if you are a big fan of Kate Spade and its timeless, chic styles. Kate Spade has reduced prices on many of their bags, jewels, dresses, and other products, with discounts up to half off. These deals will be available on Kate Spade’s main website, so you can get the most popular styles for a discounted price. 

The large Kate Spade Bradley bag is an excellent choice if you are looking for a new bag to take with you on your way to school or at work. This bag, which is made from soft, pebbled leather, looks luxurious and has enough space to hold a laptop. It’s available for purchase at $149, and is listed at $298. If you’re on a budget, their selection of under $50 items are worth checking out, like this versatile wristlet that shoppers say can fit an iPhone Pro Max, a card wallet, lipstick and more. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite deals and styles from Kate Spade’s up to 50% off sale. These styles are available below.