These QVC shoppers have raved about their shopping experience. 

MAC Cosmetics Prime Fix + Prep + Hydrating Setting Spray reviews

One initial skeptical shopper replied, “Okay. But I was unable to believe my ears. This setting spray is excellent. I tried other sprays, but it is the best. MAC, you are the BEST!

Long-time fans of the spray said, “I have been using it for many years (15 to be precise) and always keep one.” My skin is extremely oily and fix+ helps me keep my make-up looking flawless, even through the hot/humid Summer months.

A customer wrote that she was going through so many of the sprays. “I have never seen a spray as effective as MAC prep + prime fix. The smell is incredible.”

“This is a product that I won’t be without,” proclaimed a devoted MAC user. This product sets makeup easily and does not dry skin. It smells great!

This Mac Setting Spray is a must-have for me when I need to apply makeup every day. I have several backups in case of running out. The setting spray I use before applying foundation, and again after I’ve finished applying all my other make-up gives me flawless skin. I love that the lightweight mist spray has no chemical scent, which is very important to me. “I highly recommend this Mac Setting Spray,” shared a QVC Shopper.

Another said, “I use it before and afterwards I apply my make-up. It stays on all day without any smearing.” Even if I don’t take off my makeup at night, my mascara and eyeshadows look as fresh the next day. This product is amazing! When QVC sold the set including the travel size, I was the first to try it. It was great value for money but the product is amazing! I love it!

I don’t wear much makeup, but this primer and setting spray was a great addition to my routine. It’s now a staple in my makeup bag. It is good to use once every morning before you go to sleep. One customer shared his experience.

Another person explained that she has very dry, dehydrated skin. It was sometimes extremely oily, and it could be very painful. I use this product when my skin starts acting up, even if it is working for long hours. This product gives my skin the dewy, hydrated look I love and helps with dry patches. You can also bring out the pigment in eyeshadow, which makes it more vibrant.

“Best setting spray that I’ve ever used!” A MAC shopper said, “Can’t live with out it!”

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