We are now certain.

George R. R. Martin took to his personal blog to share the “exciting news” that production on the HBO prequel House of the DragonThe final curtain has been lifted. Even though this is still in its early stages, it has already been a success. Game of Thrones creator is confident that viewers will be pleased with the show.

“I’ve seen some rough cuts.” [the episodes]He said, “I love them and they’re my favorite.” He added, “Ofcourse, there is still a lot to do. The special effects and color timing were all great. The writing, directing and acting are all outstanding.”

The author warned that the series might not premiere for some time. So when can you expect to be able to watch it? Martin laughed. Martin teased.

Well, Martin revealed he’s just as in the dark as the rest of us, writing, “I wish I could tell you. Lots of work remains to be done, as I said, and COVID makes planning difficult. What is the spring like? Unlikely. Perhaps summer. It could be. Fall? “Who knows?