Gaten Matarazzo is back in the classroom.

After a trip through the Upside Down, Stranger Things, the 19-year-old returns to the real world in the upcoming Paramount+ and Awesomeness Films movie Honor Society. Network describes the show as “hilarious, funny and sharp coming-of age comedy”. [that]This article examines both the risks and the benefits of being ambitious in modern times.

Gaten is pictured with an Australian actress Angourie RiceWho has recently played Kate WinsletThe HBO drama stars’s child Mare of EasttownChristopher Mintz-Plasse, Armani Jackson, Amy Keum Ben Jackson Walker Complete the ensemble.

Honor SocietyThis classic movie is about enemies turning into lovers. Honor (played by Angourie) will do anything to be accepted at Harvard College. She is confronted by Michael Gaten, an opponent who becomes her greatest rival, and she falls in love with him. 

The movie exclusively premieres Friday, July 29 on Paramount+.