According to mother and daughter, Hedlund appeared to have reddened, watery, and bloodshot eyes. He also had extremely blurred speech and coordination. He was not responsive to police or witnesses. Hedlund was too drunk to walk so he had to sit in the Jeep. Hedlund’s last drink was just minutes before the accident.

Per PeopleHe was later released after his arrest on Jan. 24, 2008.

It Tron: LegacyAccording to CelebHomes News court records, the judge ordered Hedlund to seek counseling. Hedlund was found guilty of one DUI count and pleaded not guilty to the other.

His rep told CelebHomes News that Garrett sought immediate treatment after the incident. This was confirmed by CelebHomes News’ November 2020 report. Today, he’s in a great and solid place.”

CelebHomes News also received confirmation from a source that Hedlund shares 12-month-old boy with CelebHomes News. Rhodes with actress Emma RobertsAfter his encounter with police, he was said to be “doing fine”. An insider claimed that Roberts’ DUI arrest didn’t threaten a divorce between Hedlund, 30, and Roberts.

In their lawsuit against Hedlund, Venegas and Castillo are seeking punitive damages.