CelebHomes News reached Disney to ask for comments on Union’s remarks, but did not hear back.

During Disney’s annual call with shareholders on March 9, CEO Bob ChapekHe stated, “We opposed the bill from its inception, but we didn’t take a public stand on it, because we believed that we could be more efficient working behind-the scenes with both the lawmakers and the staff. Our long-standing relationships with lawmakers could help us achieve better results, we believed. However, despite many weeks of hard work, it was ultimately not enough.

Chapek claimed he called Florida Governor Ron DeSantis We are writing to express our concern and disappointment that legislation could be misused to unfairly target LGBTQ+ children and families if it becomes law. He said the governor agreed to meet with him and LGBTQ+ members of Disney’s senior team in Florida for further discussion and “committed to me that he wanted to make sure that this law could not be weaponized in any way by individuals in the state or groups in the state to unduly harm or target gay, lesbian, nonbinary, or transgender kids and families.”

“Disney reached out to our office today in order to meet with the governor. We have never heard anything from Disney about this. [the bill],” a spokeswoman for DeSantis said in a statement to several outlets that day. “The governor answered Mr. Chapek’s call. “The governor hasn’t changed his position. “An in-person meeting of the governor has not been set.”