Gabrielle’s Amazon livestream is ahead Drew BarrymoreCelebHomes had the opportunity to speak with Gabrielle about her gift guide, as well as all her holiday gift-giving tips.

CelebHomes – What are some of your favourite products from your gift list? And why?

GU: I think because we’ve all been on lockdown, trying to figure out what self-care looks like in our new reality and had to become bathroom beauticians, masseuses, baristas in our own home, I wanted to lean into things that are a little bit more organic to my life and where I’m at and the things that I’ve discovered things on Amazon.

The detoxifying clay for complexion really brings your life together. We’re probably not eating the right foods, which will affect our skin and other parts of our bodies. Bkr is also a favorite of mine. It is not always easy to carry a gallon of water around. These little vegan lip glosses attach to the bottles.