Attention: The graphic image in this article is disturbing.

Dave Coulier Is living a sober lifestyle. 
It Voll House On March 24, the alum shared his story with his Instagram followers about how he went from being self-described “drunk”, to not drinking alcohol since January 1, 2020. 
Coulier (62) captioned a photograph of him with his face covered in blood and small cuts. “I was able to make people laugh till they fell. This picture shows me falling down. It wasn’t because I was doing what I loved – like playing hockey, or building, or fishing, or flying planes. “I was getting hammered, fell and went up some stone stairs.”
The stand-up comedian—who tied the knot with Melissa Coulier in 2014—added that though he loved alcohol, “it didn’t love me back,” and he realized that he needed to make a change to improve his health.