With warmer weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to begin your spring home maintenance. Regular upkeep helps boost your property’s curb appeal, prevents structural problems, and creates a healthier environment for your family. Here are some important items to put on your checklist.


Inspect and Clean Gutters

You need to prepare for heavy spring rain. Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause extensive water damage to your home. If the wood trim at the eaves begins to rot, this can also attract damaging pests like termites. Fortunately, removing debris from your gutter system isn’t a difficult job.


Exterior Inspection

Before the summer arrives, be sure to properly inspect your home’s exterior. Take a close look at your siding and exterior walls. Pressure washing can easily remove months of grime. While the weather is nice, you should also consider painting your home to refresh its appearance.


Check Windows and Door Seals

Do not forget to check the windows and door seals. Aside from increasing cooling costs on hot days, worn weather stripping can also allow pollen to creep indoors during the spring. This is especially bad news for allergy sufferers.


HVAC System Tuneup

It is essential that you get an HVAC tuneup every spring. The last thing you want is to experience an unexpected breakdown during a heatwave. Technicians will inspect the A/C unit and perform any necessary maintenance. When summer arrives, you will appreciate the extra peace of mind.


Deck and Patio Maintenance

Like so many other families, you probably enjoy relaxing on the deck or patio. Take the time to inspect your outdoor space for any problem areas. If you happen to notice any damaged railings or steps, have them replaced as soon as possible. Remember, it’s also a good idea to reseal the wood every few years.


Lawn Care and Gardening

A lush, green lawn can dramatically elevate your property’s appearance. To get ahead of the game, properly aerate and fertilize your lawn this spring. Also, test your garden soil ahead of time. In order to flourish and resist disease, plants need the proper nutrients.


Adjust Outdoor Plumbing

It is now time to get your outdoor water flowing again. Simple tasks, such as tightening the wheel on the spigot, can make a big difference. Although sprinkler systems are quite durable, they will still experience normal wear and tear. Keep an eye out for broken heads, which can waste a lot of water.


Pest Control

Some pests become especially active when temperatures begin to rise, including mosquitoes. These blood-sucking insects can ruin your outdoor experience. To deter mosquitoes, remove any standing water around the house. Although stink bugs aren’t as dangerous to your health, they can damage plants. Removing weeds will make your property less inviting to these critters.


Spring Cleaning Time

While you may not look forward to spring cleaning, it’s an essential part of your home maintenance. A deep interior clean can take your home’s overall healthiness and appearance to the next level. A deep clean can appear overwhelming, but if you take it room-by-room, you’ll have a sparkling house in no time!