Repairing Your Roof with Confidence

Your roof protects your entire family and all of your possessions, so protecting it against storm damage is an essential part of home maintenance. Storm damage can occur from any number of weather conditions depending on your region – think of tornados, hurricanes, hailstorms, or even severe thunderstorms and high winds. Read on to learn more about what to do if your roof incurs this kind of damage.


Assess the Damage

Step One will be to assess the damage to your roof. Only when it is safe to go outside should you inspect the damage. Check your shingles, gutters, and any other visible changes to the exterior of your home and roof.


Take Photos

Take photos and videos of any damage you find. Documenting how your roof looks as soon as possible after the storm damage will be instrumental in dealing with your insurance company in the next step.


Get In Touch With Your Insurance Company

Speaking of your homeowner’s insurance, it’s time to give them a call after you’ve documented the damage to your roof. Follow your insurance company’s procedure for initiating the claims process, including providing a detailed description of all the damage and your photos or videos. An insurance adjuster will be scheduled to come to assess the damage in person to further the claims process, so make sure you are communicating regularly with the insurance company.


Secure Temporary Repairs

It is essential to schedule professional repairs to your roof as soon as possible after the storm damage. In the meantime, assess whether it is necessary to install any temporary repairs.

If moisture can entire your home, there is a greater risk of mold and mildew growing, posing potential health risks to your family. Tarps can be very helpful in keeping moisture out temporarily.

If there is an open hole of any sort in your roof, cover it with tarps and boards until an experienced roofer can repair it professionally.


Shop Around to Find the Best Rate for You

Avoid “storm chasers” – roofers or contractors who show up when a major storm occurs and have a reputation for providing low-quality repairs. Hiring an experienced, reliable local contractor is the best route when it comes to repairing your home professionally. Qualities of a dependable roofing contractor or company include:

  • Licensed, insured, and offers warranty
  • Capable of assessing, estimating, and repairing damage
  • Positive, realistic online reviews from verified customers 

Trust your gut here – if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Monitor Repairs

Unfortunately, life does happen and sometimes leaves us at a loss on what to do next. Fast action is the most important part of ensuring your home does not sustain further damage after the initial storm damage. After your roof is repaired, schedule regular maintenance with the local contractor you found to ensure everything stays in working order. If you notice any more damage, you should contact your roofing company right away so that it doesn’t turn into a bigger issue.