Prior to welcoming their child, the couple dropped another bombshell on Instagram just last month: They had officially tied the knot a year ago. In 2020, the not-so newlyweds got married at Anaheim’s Honda Center. A collection of photos captured the occasion. Pinto, Tran, and their baby girl were seen sharing a hug, enjoying a cocktail, and smiling, while Tran was dressed in a relaxed, but formal suit with a white floral gown.

“Yes, yes, it’s true. Pinto said, “One year ago I was married to the man of my dreams.” We were open about it. The truth was that we were enjoying our lives and shared it with all who wanted to know.  

Tran and her believe in “balancing spontaneity and just the right amount planning,” so she explained how they got engaged. 

“This felt so special and fun and let’s be honest… it reflected the time in our world just perfectly!” Elle added. She said, “The Honda Center gives life a new meaning.”