We’re getting into You are in good companyCelebHomes has you covered.

As if it were yesterday that we tuned in to the radio. You are in good company‘s season three finale, but five months have actually gone by, so it’s time for a much needed update: The Freeform series returns March 9 for season four. CelebHomes News is the only source to confirm this. Priscilla Quintana and Bryan Craig will join the cast as series regulars, with Booboo Stewart also participating in a recurring role.

Quintana stars as Isabella, who, as we know, is a resident of the CoterieAnd mother to Gael’s unborn baby. Craig, a newcomer to the series will play Joaquin. He is an investigative journalist who has a strange background.

Additionally, Stewart—best known for his roles inX-Men: Days of Future Past  The Twilight Saga—plays Luca, an unhoused man Joaquin is doing a story on and befriends.

Fosters spin–off series follows the residents of Downtown Los Angeles’ The Coterie as they juggle career, love and the 20-something growing pains at a time in your life where your friends are your family.