If you are plagued by the ever-dreaded waistband gap when you wear jeans, say goodbye to that forever and shop the Free People Free People CRVY collection. The jeans have a carefully contoured waistband with a 12-inch gap between your hips and the waistband. To emphasize their perfect fit, they have the Free People’s signature “holdsyou-in” pockets. The Straight Shooter Jeans have an intentionally longer length, which pairs perfectly with a heeled boot or you can just cuff the legs.

The distressed jeans are available in five washes. These jeans are popular with Free People customers for many reasons. A customer shared the following: “Fits like a glove.” These jeans fit amazing for someone like me, who cannot find jeans that don’t have a gap at the waist. These jeans fit perfectly for me because I have a small waist, larger butt, and wider thighs.

One person called them “the perfect straight Jean,” and explained that they have no back gaps. These jean are cool and very flattering. This fits me perfectly, even though I am larger in my hips and legs. “Thank you, Free People!”