Netflix is looking for a replacement for Roderick Usher Frank Langella

A misconduct investigation led to Langella, 84 years old, being fired from the forthcoming limited series. The Fall of House of Usher Bruce Greenwood has been announced as Langella’s replacement, Netflix has confirmed to CelebHomes News.

Greenwood is a veteran actor whose credits span nearly fifty years. He currently stars as a Fox star. The ResidentAs Randolph Bell. He also has credits for playing John F. Kennedy in Thirteen Days, Pike Star Trek Star Trek Into DarknessAs well as the roles they play I am RobotMad MenFind out more.

Langella was fired from the project on April 14, after an investigation into the actor’s behavior “determined that Langella had been involved in unacceptable conduct on set.” 

Deadline cited a TMZ report that said he made an inappropriate sexual remark to a female co-star. The series was reportedly halfway through filming when Langella was fired. Greenwood will now reshoot Langella’s scenes to complete the series.