Jamie Spears illegally recorded daughter Britney Spears in her bedroom, a private investigator and former FBI agent concluded after an investigation. 

Britney’s lawyer, Mathew RosengartYou have filed a Declaration from Sherine Ebadi In court Jan. 18 ahead of the Jan. 19 hearing. In the documents, obtained by CelebHomes News, the former FBI special agent said she “corroborated” the claim that Jamie instructed Black Box Security “to place a secret recording device in Ms. Spears’s bedroom.” 

Ebadi (who is now associate managing director in the Forensic Investigations and Intelligence practice of Kroll Associates, which was retained by Britney’s law firm) said she made the conclusion based on a debriefing with Alex Vlasov, a former employee of Black Box Security who first made the allegation when speaking with The New York Times last year.

Jamie’s lawyer replied to the detailed questions. TimesHe stated that “all of his actions were within the boundaries of the authority conferred on him by the court. Britney, Britney’s court-appointed lawyer, and/or her court authorized his actions. Jamie’s record as conservator — and the court’s approval of his actions — speak for themselves.”